This involves aid and support for real projects chosen by the client company.

It is based on action learning models and uses experiential learning methods.  The slogan "learn by doing and do as you learn” sums it up perfectly.

It is a more direct and individualised form of training: it is aimed specifically at real project groups. It helps people during a project's critical moments, and its uses these moments to teach about project management and promote it within the company.

 The "Coaching" area comprises various products and services, including:


  • The Company Project Management Community, a programme to develop a practical community that acts as a centre of excellence for project management themes;


  • Methodology coaching “tokens”: project management support for real project groups, during the key steps in project management (defining the mandate, kick-off, planning, monitoring and control, risk management and modification requests, and developing the lessons learned). The tokens that can be spent in face-to-face sessions and/or with distance coaching;


  • Individual coaching, a series of individual meetings with a single project manager to improve their knowledge and handling of their role by developing personal project management skills.