This involves improving the efficiency and degree of maturity of project-based organisation.

It focuses on the current organisation and assesses it in light of the project portfolio to be achieved.

It works on the typically "harder" aspects (organisational structure - project management processes - roles and responsibilities), as well as on the "softer" elements of organisation (climate – values - project management culture).

It also concentrates on the change management processes that the project involves.

The "Consultancy" services comprises various products and services, including:

  •  creating the role of project manager;
  •  establishing project management standards;
  •  setting up performance management systems for the project;
  •  devising standards to assess the complexity of the projects;
  •  use of project management software tools;
  •  the cultural step-up from a functional structure to a matrix structure;
  •  constructing portfolio management models;
  •  constructing a project risk register;
  •  transforming individual experiences of project management into company project management best practices.